Our Vision and Mission

We will strive to make planet Earth a better place to live in for its inhabitants through grounded & actionable sustainability initiatives, that strive to take less and give back more to the planet.

In our interactions with our customers, we will work with the 4 C’s of Collaboration, Commitment, Communication & Commerce as the key drivers, such that we are creating value for all stakeholders in the chain.

‘We are bound by honesty, integrity, transparency and fairness in all our dealings and actions’.

What We Do

Our services include a broad array of consulting & project execution covering sectors such as textiles, packaging, plastic recycling, bio waste to bio-fuels, and focused on Sustainability, Circular Economy, ESG assessments & reports, Net Zero Carbon, Renewable power, water management, waste management, Plastic Waste management/EPR, Corporate Social responsibility initiatives and impact assessments.

We work closely with MSME companies to help them extract operational or valuation benefits from sustainable actions. We talk in a simple language and endeavour to show clearly the cost/benefit equation for sustainable actions/investments.‘.

If you think the economy is more important than the environment, try holding your breath while counting your money.”

— Dr Guy McPherson

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Our Collaborators